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Helping Hands


Get involved, collaborate and be part of actions that change the lives of hundreds of seniors.

LSIE Revitalization Project
  (Long Stay Institutions for the Elderly).

Through our partnerships we help LTCFs in the renovation of the physical space, installation of ramps, new paintings, installation of grab bars in all bathrooms, adaptation of the physical space to make it safer and more comfortable for the elderly residents.

Project “The elderly is our history 
Adopt an ILPI”.

Through great partnerships, we will raise donations for LTCFs that are experiencing financial needs, lack of food, lack of geriatric diapers, lack of medicines, etc. we will mobilize great national artists, press and television media.

Project “Clean and sustainable energy in LSIEs – Solar Energy”

In partnership with the largest companies in the solar energy sector, we will implement clean and sustainable energy in several ILPIs, bringing savings and helping the environment.

“National Congress and
International for the Elderly”

Through a unique initiative, we will create the first national and international congress for the elderly. We will have workshops, lectures, testimonials from senior citizens, showing Brazil and the world that the elderly are successful entrepreneurs.

 Project “Physical activities, occupational therapies and dances in ILPIs – RMBH and main cities in Minas Gerais”

Professionals in the Occupational Therapy area (graduates and interns) will develop therapeutic activities such as dance, games, games, among others, together with the registered ILPIs, making the elderly more active, healthy and happy.

Project “New Year, New Life”
  Club UNESCO MG and UNIDOSO making a happier new year.

Distribution of 1 food kit and 1 personal hygiene kit for all elderly residents in the main ILPIs in Minas Gerais.

Project “Sustainable vegetable garden in LSIEs”.

We will help the LTCFs to develop tools for growing organic food, making the resident elderly feel pleasure in their cultivation, management and sustainable development, helping to preserve the knowledge they have about all these crops.

Project “Cultural Collective of the 3rd age”.

We will take to the LSIEs registered with us projects aimed at the well-being of the elderly, adding integration with plays, cinema, plastic arts, group dynamics, to bring to the elderly all the joys that culture rescues.

Project “Education and reintegration in the 3rd age.

We will implement the teaching of a new language in the ILPIs registered with us. Learning another language in old age can prevent diseases, stimulate the mind and the ability to concentrate. And that's not all: being bilingual can improve the elderly's listening skills, as the brain has to work harder to distinguish different types of sounds in two languages.

Project “Retelling Stories 
Integration of students from public and private schools with the elderly residing in LTCFs”.

The interaction with students and children in the school phase with the elderly residing in the ILPIs will benefit the elderly and the child, the children will gather stories prepared by themselves in their schools and take them to the elderly, providing a fun, playful and altruistic activity.

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