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Retrato Sênior

a little about us

The National Union of the Elderly (UNIDOSO)

We are a non-profit institution
and profitable with objectives aimed at
promotion of projects and actions that
aimed at promoting the practices of
social integration of the elderly population.

The main focus is to act in the creation,
capture and execution of projects with
the purpose of helping the elderly in
situation of social vulnerability and
finance, as well as the LTCFs
(Long Stay Institutions
for Seniors).

Retrato Sênior


Create and promote projects that meet the needs and expectations of the elderly population, through a set of social actions and policies focused on safety, health, education and well-being, aimed at their social and economic integration, for a quality of life. active and happy life.



Become a national reference by the year 2025, through a set of actions that provide recognition of the equality of the elderly in the family and in society.

The four pillars that support our mission and  eyesight.

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